Friday, December 14, 2007

free, free, free

Ok, seriously, is there anything better than free clothes? (well, yes, obviously, but free clothes are good too!)

The senior pastor's wife called me last week and asked if I would like to go through a few bags of clothes that might fit. (um, yeah!) So she dropped by and I went out to her mini-van to help her. Oh my goodness! Her van was PACKED with black trash bags. Apparently, she helped a friend sort through all the things in a condo this gal was about to sell.

My friend generously thought of me (how sweet) before taking everything to GoodWill. There were a few things in my current size, a BUNCH in just a size or two down and then even some stuff I am taking to my mother after Christmas. It was the JACKPOT of free clothes!!

But I was smart too ~ just because it's free, doesn't mean it will work for me. I did *not* keep the many, MANY pairs of white jeans nor white capris I found in the bag. In my opinion, white is probably not the best choice for a plus-size gal. And then there were a couple dress suits. Ick. You know, straight skirt just below the knee with matching oversized jacket (with shoulder pads, no less). Double ick. Just because it's free, does NOT mean it's good. I must have picked up a few tips from my frugalista mother~~

And now.........I have even *more* incentive to keep the weight going down - free clothes. And some really nice ones too!

*Michigan Momma*

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