Sunday, April 20, 2008

just to remember

The way Selah *has* to bounce around when she gets excited. She simply *has* to. Bouncing around when she is excited, happy, waiting for something, even just watching her little brother learn new things. The joy in her just has to come out - so she bounces! I love it!

The way Elijah kisses me - over and over and over. He just leans into my body, with his mouth wide open, making kissing noises. The way Elijah laughs and laughs and laughs when I tickle his belly under his shirt. His mouth wide open, tongue peeking out, laughing and trusting and loving his momma.

The way Talitha desires to be a big-girl, yet still wants her momma to carry her. The way Talitha wants to eat her veggies - ok, wants to eat anything. The way she asks me to braid her hair every night (just like her big sissy) even though her hair is really only long enough for the smallest of braids yet. The way Talitha gets so excited over a "new" dress, even when she knows it's a hand-me-down dress that her sister used to wear. That makes it even better - to be able to wear a dress her sissy once wore. Amazing.

The way Isaac is so private now. How he wants me to close my eyes when he gets dressed. The way Isaac tells me how happy he is that I finally had a baby come out of my tummy that is his BEST friend (finally, a brother!). The way Isaac explains to me what his Papa Albert is saying to Jesus in heaven - and how they both are watching Isaac and loving him! The way Isaac is still not embarrased to blow me kisses at church - not yet anyway - and I'm holding onto it as long as I can.

And the way my husband loves me - even when I can't seem to get my act together in the morning hours. The way he loves me - even when I try to make it all about me, instead of putting him first. The way he loves me - with flowers, with understanding, with his time and with his best. What a wonderful gift from a God who wants the best for me! Thank you, Lord. Thank you~

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Kenni B said...

MY brother?! LOL

I look up to him in so many ways.