Friday, May 9, 2008

QuiverFul Friday

I think we just passed the one-dozen-eggs mark.

I know this is no big deal to those of you with mega-families (I wonder how many children that is?) - or even to those of you with four TEENAGE children. But this is a new mile-marker for us.

This morning, I cracked open some eggs for breakfast. 9 eggs, to be precise.

My two daughters (5 & almost 3) and one of my sons (the baby, about 15 mo.) ate lots. I had some leftover eggs. My dh had maybe one or two bites. My oldest son (6) isn't even here today. And we had some toast (and I had bacon), so it wasn't eggs only.

So I'm guessing in order to feed our family scrambled eggs in the morning, we would be looking at a dozen eggs (or more) at this point. Wow ~ when did *that* happen?!?

I jokingly told my dh we needed to move out to the country and raise some chickens for eggs.
He didn't laugh.

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