Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Look at that!!

I didn't think it would ever happen!!

But look! Right up there! We are now under 100 days left in this pregnancy~


I just can't wait to meet this little one.....

p.s. my littlest man (thus far) spent the night over at some friends of ours, when our evening was just SO hectic at church. *sigh* I missed him SOOOOO much! The next morning it was snowing again, and I got worried when my friend didn't show up *exactly* when she said she would. I even made my dh call her cell phone. *big sigh* It just wasn't the same at home without my little dude. Yet for the rest of that day, he ran up to me NUMEROUS times throughout the day with just the BIGGEST smile on his face - it almost made it worth it to have him gone that one night. Just to see those big ol' brown eyes sparkle and laugh......awwwww~

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