Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The *perfect* dress~

For us....ahem...plus size women, finding the perfect dress can be frustrating. Very frustrating. Can't be too short, don't want it to be frumpy and too long, watch the incredibly LOW necklines, gotta have 3/4 length sleeves (great in almost *any* weather, seriously), the waistline has to be just a bit ABOVE your natural waist........now add in being able to wear it pre & post pregnancy, plus during pregnancy.......AND wanting to wear this perfect dress while nursing your newborn???

Yup, it's impossible.

Right?!? Wrong. It *can* be found. Well, I'm not so sure about FOUND, but it can be DONE!

I have purchased, lets' see.....one, two, three, four...no, five wrap dresses in the last few years (maybe just a year). None of them are PERFECT, but a few of them are close. Now I've found a plus size mock wrap-dress pattern from Butterick.

I'm going for it!!

I'm gonna add some lingerie elastic to the neckline, for modesty's sake, yet I will still be able to nurse in it (with a cover-up, of course - I'm all for nursing, but I'm not about to whip it all out either, 'kay?!). I may have to raise the waist a bit, to accomodate my ever changing figure. If you aren't plus size, you may not realize that my preggo body IS different than my non-preggo body. Not in overall size, per se, but definitely in where it's all placed. A higher waist is *needed*.

Now I guess I just need to find some cheap knit fabric to make up some trial dresses. I've heard it can be kinda tricky, sewing with knit. We'll see.....

Here's the pattern I'm gushing over. Now I just need to get it on sale. Keepin' my eyes open~


Anonymous said...

I like it.....I would so like to try that myself!

My Life With Boys said...

It's a really cute pattern- you'll have to take pictures if you end up making one. Sometimes JoAnns will have 'Butterick' patterns for $.99 each. I love it when they do that! ;) I stock up...