Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Most Awesome Gadget

Right now, my most awesome gadget award goes to my brand new (well, you mom got it at a second hand store, but whatever) Goldstar BreadMachine! It is truly awesome!!

My bread maker of the past was good for one thing: making dough. Which was fine, I kinda enjoyed punching down the dough, shaping it, placing it in the bread pan, letting it rise again and baking it in the oven. Yet for convenience sake, not so good. I had to plan ahead and be available when it was done with the kneading. I have had some over-the-top-rising-explosions that were less than pleasant to clean up, let me tell you!

The fact was, my other bread maker just didn't make a good loaf IN the machine. This new machine makes great bread IN the machine (what a concept, eh?). It's only a 1 1/2 pound loaf - which equals about one meal of sandwiches for my kids (maybe w/ hubby & I too, not sure), but I could make one every single morning, it's that easy!

I found an on-line owner's manual (LOVE the internet!) and it has over 30 recipes. I've made their oatmeal bread, which my little ones ate up with butter & honey. I've also made a coffee cake with crumb topping - didn't go over as well, yet with some adjustments, I think it will go quite nicely with coffee for me and my lady friends! I just finished a "snack cake", which is basically just a small, kinda loaf-shaped cake. They have all different flavors, but I stuck with basic yellow for this trial. It is delicious (hope I don't get any on the keyboard) - nice and moist.

I also have some pizza crust dough kneading in there for tonight's dinner. It will make about 4 med./personal size pizzas, which is enough for my small brood (not counting my dh, he would have to get a second batch - speaking of which, I wonder if I could make up a whole bunch, and throw them in the fridge like for the next day??? Hmmmm....sounds like an experiment in the making.....). The love your basic cheese pizza. With sauce doctored up from Aldi's and minimal cheese, I've got a quick meal for a low cost! Whoo-hoo!!

Anyways, just wanted to share. They've also got sweet bread recipes: banana & pumpkin high on my list! Tons of different breads, lots that I've never even thought to try. And did I mention snack cakes? Did I? Mmmmmmm....delish!!

Got milk? I gotta go~


Dean B. said...

I see, leaving me out of the mix with the pizza...perhaps you could bring some to church tonight since I am here all night???

Luv you Hun!

*Michigan Momma* said...

I doubt there will be any left, these hungry monsters can't wait for their pizzas to come out of the oven!

But there *is* some yummy, moist cake with chocolate frosting with your name on it.....

See ya soon, babe~

Anonymous said...

If your mom ever finds another one of those at a 2nd hand store...I want one too! : )

Anonymous said...

That was from Brooke by the's been a looooooooong day.


*Michigan Momma* said...

She's always finding bread machines, but you never know until you try if it'll actually work well or not. If you're serious, I'll let her know - she's headed this way over Christmas.

Seems like we haven't seen each other in ages (besides passing each in the halls at church) - see ya this weekend~

Anonymous said...

Hi :)
Would you mind sharing a link for the manual? Mine came with basic bread recipes and nothing like the stuff you mentioned!
I recently found your blog and I am enjoying reading it, have a great weekend :)

Mary said...

I have personally made pizza dough, shaped it, and froze it flat. When it was time to make pizza, I thawed it in the fridge, added sauce and stuff and baked it. It came out perfect.

My bread machine says it makes jams and jellies. Do you have any experience with this?

*Michigan Momma* said...


Here is a link:

But I have to warn you, I had to download some funky program in order to view the manual properly - it didn't take all that long, and it *does* work - some sort of DjVu Viewer program.

That particular link shows 2 different manuals - mine is the HB-152CE model. So there ya go - HTH!!

And Mary, thanks for the tip on freezing pizza crusts - I'll try that! As to the jellies & jams, I have no idea. I've not had a machine that does that, therefore I have no experience with it. Sounds cool though - I had coconut shrimp tonight when an orange marmalade sauce. Mmmmmmmm.....yummy!! That would be great to recreate at home ('cause that's an expensive meal at a resturant - THANKS HUBBY!!)

Later guys~

*Michigan Momma* said...

Ok, bad link. When you get to that page, you have to THEN click on Owner's Manuals, THEN select appliances and bread maker, THEN you will get to the page with the two different manuals. Geesh.....

And obviously, this is just for this particular bread machine. It did take some hunting around to find this manual on-line. I guess this is an older machine, or a less well-known brand - or LG is just the parent company to the company that makes GoldStar....whatever.

Ok, now you should be able to find it!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Lori!
BTW I found this site
with instructions to convert it to a .pdf file. I had to download a converter but it was really simple and I deleted the program after I converted it, and now I can view it with adobe :)
Thanks again:) I wanted it for the recipes, my machine is a panasonic I think, the manual for it just had blah bread recipes in it, lol.
Oh and about the name Micah, I worked with a lady name Mikah, pronounced me-kuh.

Anonymous said...

I have made pizza dough and put it in the fridge before. WARNING!!! It grows!! You have to keep an eye on it, it exploded out of the baggie I had it in! LOL

Glad you like your new toy!