Friday, December 5, 2008

'Nother appointment today

Same old, same old....

Which I guess is a good thing. The only reason you *don't* have a routine pregnancy appointment is if something is unusual or wrong. I'd rather have an uneventful pregnancy, thank you Lord!

I do have my 1 hour glucose test next week - but I have always passed those just fine. I know it can happen to anyone though, so I'm going to get it done (I'm pretty bad at even *making* it to my regular appointments...). My OB also told me that my next appointment (in early Jan.) will be my last 4 week appointment - from then on, we are on to the every-2-weeks appointments. Wha-hoo!! Not long then - although when I mentioned that I thought Jan. & Feb. would D R A G along, my OB reminded me that EVERYTHING seemed to drag along in Michigan during Jan. & Feb. Oh ya, right.

Lastly, tonight my wonderful dh took me out to dinner & a play. Pride & Prejudice, as put on my a local high school. The director is a volunteer at our church and we are friends with him, his wife and their four little ones. We ate at a new place - Pepper Joe's - and the play was quite nice! All my babies were tucked into bed when we got home, Christmas lights were a twinklin', and I was quite the content lil' lady. Thanks honey, luv you!!

Ok, well, time to get to bed. We are getting up early, going out to cut down our Christmas tree, hopefully get it set up (easily - please Lord!), and some of the inside decorations up. My dh has a bachelor party to attend, then we have a make-up Bible Study get together to attend. I love these fun-filled weekends, yet I know by Monday I will be ready to crash. Thank the good Lord above we homeschool, so we can all rest on Monday mornings - otherwise, I'd never make it!!

Have a great weekend friends~
God Bless~

p.s. Yes, Mom, I am going to upload some of those Thanksgiving pictures, very soon. Maybe tomorrow while Dean is at the bachelor party. It's been hectic. Glad you found your camera too. Luv ya~

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