Monday, January 19, 2009

computer issues...

Just to let everyone know...we are dealing with computer issues. Our computer is freaking out - maybe a virus, maybe just something....weird, I don't know. We are able to kinda get on the computer, but it is annoying and frustrating, to say the least.

My dh is able to save our pics (thank the Lord) and back up his money management program (whew!).....then he is going to strip everything off (not sure of the technical terms). We will probably then donate this computer (without all the problems, we'll make sure that's taken care of first) to our Children's Ministry (we are actually getting a cool sound booth & t.v.'s for kid's worship - the computer will come in *very* handy) and get ourselves a newer one.

Isn't it amazing how quickly a computer becomes "old"????

Anyways, I have no desire to "deal" with this computer..........but we have to wait until tax return time purchase a newer one. posting here may be a bit sparse. Although....I really like my blogging. We'll see how much I can deal with.

Plus, I still have like a month and a half 'til this little one arrives. In winter. In Michigan. *big ol' sigh* It's going to be a REALLY long time without my computer. Yet my dh is a whiz at the whole tax return thing - so once he gets all the necessary "stuff", we get our $$ fairly quickly.

Oh, tax return stuff ~ arrive quickly!!


My Life With Boys said...

To answer your question- we are thinking of either Wyatt Matthew or Grant (insert middle name here?). By the way, I love the names you have picked out! Hope your computer works out it's 'issues' soon!

*Michigan Momma* said...

Ooohhh, can I vote ;)

Seriously, I really like Wyatt, although I've never really thought about it before. Nice!

You look gorgeous pregnant, btw! Glad to hear everything is going good for you. I'm about, what, 7 weeks away.....too far....

Anonymous said...

computer issues...ahh yes-the younger generation, can't or won't live w/o a computer (alias-bells & whistles). Wait--am I not responding to your blog on a computer?? HELLO!!! I'm praying for tax stuff to get there asap! love ya.

marlene said...

btw-that last comment was from Marlene-I don't know why it didn't include my name. Hope everything is well. ttyl (oh,I think I figured it out-yay)