Tuesday, February 10, 2009

How many homeschool kids....

How many homeschool kids does it take to make a co-op??

Ha! My friend and I have 7 (almost 8) kids between us. She has just started homeschooling (which *I* am super excited about!) and we have decided to try to get together one day a week for some co-schooling with all our kids. We have 2 first graders, a Kindergartener, 2 preschoolers, a toddler, a baby and almost a newborn.

Ok, yes, after typing that, I agree.....we are, in fact, crazy!

Anyways, I have these two 9-week unit studies (KONOS) that I got a while back from my sister. We have decided to pull out some of their afternoon science-type projects and do them together. Fun for kiddos, fun for mommas, learning all around!

At the end of the first study, the kids will perform a play - the book said something along the lines of "if you only have 1 or 2 kids = do this" and "if you are part of a co-op = do this". So I'm wondering, how many kids does a co-op make?? I'm fairly certain we qualify ;)

The really good thing about this "co-schooling" day is that I'm hoping it will help me stay accountable in general. If I am making sure we are prepared for Mondays with our friends, perhaps I will do better at making sure we are keeping up with our other areas of hs'ing. We have been working at 3 phonics lessons per day (from 100 easy lessons) - this is going well. Now if I could just be consistant with Friday Library Days, then we would consistantly have our needed books on-hand. If we always have our needed books, I would be much less likely to push today's schooling to tomorrow (day after day - just waiting to get to the library).

**Mondays = Co-schooling w/ friends (KONOS Orderliness Unit)
**continue on w/ 100 Easy Lessons for phonics
**continue on w/ The Weaver Unit Studies
**add in our new math curriculum (still to be decided on)
**add in new piano books (Isaac & Selah) for music
**Fridays = Library Day (get all needed books for the upcoming week)

Let's see....I had another OB appointment today (they're coming every week now, can you believe it??). They did an ultrasound to check the baby's size (I guess I measured kinda big last time) - and they came up with a size of 6 lb. 9oz. which seems really big to me (at this time). Selah was 6'10" and Tali was 6'11". Isaac was 7' even and Elijah was 7'5" - so none of them have been huge. If this little one is already 6'9", well then, whew.....he or she might end up actually being a chubby baby! WOW!

My OB also rescheduled my c-section (she is going to be in another town the original date), so we are going with Mondy, March 9th. Even earlier - whoo-hoo!! Ok, it's just two days, but still......I'm excited about meeting this little one! So Monday, March 9th, 7:30am - I'm so excited!!

And lastly, I just had a bad day yesterday. Ugh. Thankfully, after dealing with this issue all afternoon, I checked the mail.............whoo-hoo!!! A good friend had sent me a Tim Horton's gift card for my birthday! How awesome is that?! I was able to splurge on myself and my kiddos and even my hs'ing friend today! Thanks so much, Janet - YOU ROCK! Isn't it amazing how God times these things?? Just when you feel down-n-out, He sends along *just* what you need to make you smile. Yup, God really does care about us - even the little things! Awesome!!

p.s. due to some ideas I have about possibly going to Switched on Schoolhouse in the future, I'm debating what math curriculum to go with now. Math-U-See might not be the best bet, if we will be switching the kids' curriculum in a few years (Math-U-See is quite a bit different from your average math curriculum - so I've been told). So anyone with Switched on Schoolhouse experience, let me know about their math stuff......what would be a good option for young children who will be using SOS in the future?? I want to order our math soon (tax money refund - YES!). Thanks~

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