Monday, February 9, 2009

A full page of Quiverful~

It's amazing to me that when I check my stats, I still have PAGES of people searching for "quiverful" and somehow ending up at my blog. I'm amazed that so many people are actually searching this term out - plus that they are actually ending up here!

For one, it seems everyone I talk to has never even *heard* of this term before - which is fine. So how can so many people be searching it out on-line??? They must run to the internet right after we talk.....;)

And two, there are a *million* other sites, blogs, etc. that discuss the term quiverful, the lifestyle, the various ideas and extremes of this word, etc. Again, we're just normal ol' people who happen to have five babies - big deal?!!? Weird...

Oh well.

There's a few other things I want to talk about - such as my OBVIOUS problem with authority (thanks Mom), how this affects my own children, my marriage, etc. There's also the idea of accountability partners between women, what this entails, how it works for me (and asking how it works for you). Plus the idea of co-homeschooling one day a week (something a friend and I are thinking about - just to get together and teach our kids together one afternoon a week). Oh, and so much more. My brain is a buzz~

And lastly, it's wonderful to have my hubby back!!! He keeps me more on track and I feel much more ya, babe!!

p.s. I have no idea why my siggy's not working. Hmmmm??

p.p.s. I also finished the stash blankie last night. It's in the wash, so I'll post pics asap. Yeah!


Morgan said...

Are you and your husband doing the quiverfull? Having c-sections seems that it would make it hard to do...

By the way- I can see your signature. Must be working now : )

*Michigan Momma* said...

I'm not sure what you mean by "doing the quiverful"? We just want to be open to as many children as the Lord wishes to send our way. So we don't really use any birth control - I nurse our babies so they do end up being spaced about 2 years apart though.

We also believe that God gives us medical information about our if my OB tells me that my uterus is falling apart, or super-thin, or I have a "window" or something else that would make another pregnancy *dangerous* to the baby and me - then we would use that information to pray and make a decision about our future.

So some people may consider us QF, some may not - just depends on how "extreme" you are. So we may or may not be having more babies, just depends on the condition of my uterus and my fertility and whatnot.

Does that make sense??

Anonymous said...

And just because you are quiverfull doesn't mean you'll have 20 children either. Where does that misconception come from.

Just because you don't use BC doesn't mean you'll be able to have a ton of children. Just by having multiple c-sections doesn't deem one to not be able to have many pregnancies.

Those extremists!! Next you won't be quiverful because you don't homebirth.

Sorry for the rant Lori...


Morgan said...

Yes, that makes sense. I meant nothing by the question.

I breastfed exclusively and on demand and had my last two babies sleep with me for the first 4 months or so of life, yet still became fertile within 2-6 months of giving birth to each of my children. I had 4 children in 4 years and breastfed each of them 11 1/2-12 months, (so I was 6 months pregnant with #4 and breastfeeding #3 still).

I only asked because I hadn't heard of a fellow c-section mom talk about having as many babies as possible, that's all.