Saturday, February 7, 2009

Updates & Ramblings

I'm doing just fine ~ I'm 34 1/2 weeks along (yes, the 1/2 *is* very important at this stage) and a bit less itchy (just a bit). My liver function test came back in normal limits, so it's not PUPP nor anything really with my liver - good news! Guess I'm just getting older, getting drier, and living in Michigan during a FREEZING I'm itchy. I'm desperately trying to NOT itch and I've purchased some good lotion for itchy, severely dry skin - so here's hopin'~

Remember a bit back when I discussed how I was organizing kids' clothes, giving stuff away, putting up clothes that we want to keep but just don't fit anyone right now, etc.?? appears I need to do it again. Seriously. Elijah Rock has ENTIRELY too many clothes!! And where exactly am I going to put the baby's clothes? I haven't focused on this detail, due to not knowing the baby's sex, but I was looking at the boys' closet today and thought "if this little one is a boy, WHAT am I going to do??". Now granted, I fit ALL FOUR kids' clothes in one ity-bity closet at our last rental, so I *know* it can be done.........but it's gonna take some work, let me tell you. I'm gonna have to be BRUTAL in getting rid of what we simply don't need, perhaps purchase some more bins & baskets, but it *can* be done!

I have a friend who has a family closet/laundry room type of set-up. I'm envious....well, I'm happy for her, I just want one someday. Me too, me too!! I have another friend who has this EXCELLENT mudroom/entry room with these open-locker type of things, with space for each child's coat, bag, papers, shoes, hat/mittens/ lots of extra cubbies for other shoes. You mean, when my family walks into the house, they could all easily put away their coats, shoes, bags, winter-gear, whatever without trampsing through the whole house, dropping various items along the way, never to be found again???? WOW!!! Again, I want one~

Ideas to store away for our future home plans.....

And best of all, my hubby arrives home tomorrow! Whoo-hoo!! I can't believe how much I love this man ~ how much I rely on him for so many reasons throughout the day. Yes, for that extra set of hands with the kids, with the house, with stuff. Yet also for that adult conversation, for that freedom to be ME, to let my guard down, to cry, to laugh out loud. I feel like I'm floundering around a bit without him. I don't like it. I like myself much better WITH him ~ he honestly brings out a much better me ~ God knew what He was doing putting us together (well, God ALWAYS knows what He's know what I mean....).

So what's next? My amazing dh already did our taxes, so we are strategically planning out the details of how to best use this money. Besides paying off the van, and setting some aside in our "emergency fund", there are necessities to be purchased for this upcoming birth. There are also some necessities to be considered for this home and our car. Oh, and the computer. We need a new computer. Oh ya, that.....well, it will only spread so far............I gotta remember to praise the Lord for what we have, instead of focusing how what we can't quite manage right now.

Speaking of which, a friend shared a book with me (Calm My Anxious Heart, by Linda Dillow) - and I believe I might have read this before. Yet it is really striking a chord with me now. We've all read Paul telling us to "be content in whatever circumstances" - yet it can be difficult to actually put this into practice. At least for me, it has been. So this book has been a blessing and I am so thankful to my friend (hi Kerry!).

And lastly, I've almost finished my "stash baby blankie". It's turned out pretty cute. It's mostly green, with bits of variegated here and there, even different weights of yarns - yet it works. Once this little one is born, thus revealing the sex, I will pick out a pattern that is PERFECT for him or her, but for now I'm liking this basic blankie ~ pictures to come soon ~

And now, I'm tired. One more day, Lori, just one more day. I'll probably still be tired, but my hubby will be home so it's ALL OKAY~


Jenn said...

What a great review of what you have been doing. It sounds like you have pretty busy! Glad your tests came back okay. Hopefully you will get some relief from the itching soon.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad your tests came back normal!! yeahhhhh PTL!

An idea for the children's clothes since you have a lack of space.



3-4 pairs of pants/jeans for the boys and girls

5-6 tops/sweaters

2-3 dresses each for the girls

socks 5 prs each
underwear/undershirts your discretion, but less is best.

Now you'll be doing more laundry but maybe a load everyday will help. And if you do laundry everyday you can cut these numbers down even more.

Baby clothes, ONE tub of various sizes for either gender, and blankets.

Jeni said...

Ok I had to comment! ha First because I really love how you compliment your dh, it's so important to do that and just "be in love" with each other! I like the story about your friend with the cool "lockers" ha a long time dream of mine!!
ALSO Calm My Anxious is one of my favorite books and I'm glad to be reminded, I haven't read it for years so I want to dig it out! It's so easy to "wish" for other stuff that other people have that's so cool...haha
Glad you are well, you look darling! cya soon Jeni p.s. Jergans extra dry lotion is so great, hope you find something that works!!

Anonymous said...

I don't remember if you mentioned this or not: Or you going to cloth diaper?

*Michigan Momma* said...

Let's see, about the clothes: yes, I do need to simply get rid of more! I would adjust your list, as my girls wear dresses everyday, but I would simply have so many everyday dresses and so many church dresses. I actually heard that I would need to INCREASE the amount of underclothes, yet reduce the number of outer clothes. There's a reason for that, but it's late and I forget....

I have also heard I should only need 2 drawers per kid - I guess this would depend on the size of the drawers, though. I'm still just dreaming of that "family closet" idea........someday.....

and as to the cloth fair....I don't want to actually say NO, yet I already feel somewhat overwhelmed at times. Baby #4 was a bit hard for us, especially at the beginning (we had a house fire, I had to travel with my babies on a train in the first week of his life, it was just a tough transition).

Anyways, it's something I will probably think about again - maybe once we get a bit settled in, get into a new 5 baby schedule, etc. We'll see....I know it would save money, and we are trying to save for a house, soooooo......


Anonymous said...

Ok, I had a whole posts written out for you Lori, and apparently the codes didn't match!!! And I didn't double check to make sure it posted. Not the first time either!!!!!!

~A frustrated Danielle

*Michigan Momma* said...

Sorry, Danielle ~ I hate it when that happens....and I never remember to copy it "just in case". Of course not...

Jen said...

Just found your blog! I am so happy to hear you don't have PUPP. I had it with my first pregnancy and I wouldn't wish it on ANYONE! It was horrid. I know exactly how you feel about the itching though. I will be praying that it clears up quickly!

Where in Michigan are you, if you are comfortable saying? We lived in Grand Rapids for 10 years and I miss it SOOOO much. I would come back in a heartbeat. We are in the Baltimore, MD area now.

I'll be checking back!

*Michigan Momma* said...

Hi Jen,

I actually was born in Kalamazoo, MI - my family moved around quite a bit and we ended up in northwest IN. It was there, after college in MO, that I met my husband. We moved around that area a bit, then headed off to CO for three yrs for a ministry position.

Yet we missed our families, missed our kiddos being closer to them and I really missed MI. When my dh began looking for a position at a larger church, God answered my prayers and we ended up back in MI. We are now in the St. Clair county area, which is sorta in the thumb, right across from Canada (the Blue Water Bridge area).

While I honestly like Western MI a bit better (from my memories anyway), eastern MI is still beautiful, the lake is gorgeous, and I *love* the seasons!!

That's WAY more than you probably wanted to know - but there it is....nice to "meet" ya~