Saturday, February 21, 2009

Going to the hospital...

Well, almost.... (freaked ya out, huh Mom?!)

Last night, I was up *way* too late (dh gone and all).  At about 2:30pm, I knew I was exhausted and headed off to bed.  Tali was fussin', ended up having a slight fever and was uncomfortable, so I gave her a dose of Ibuprofen and they both ended up in bed with me.  That's okay, without Dean it was comforting - as long as they don't touch me (I'm weird about that - but we have a king-size bed, so it's all good).

Sooooooooooooo......about 4:15am or so, I wake up with pain.  In the TOP part of my abdomen.  Nothing seemed to help, not changing positions, getting a drink, going to the bathroom - the top of my bulging tummy was very tight - yet not like contrations (at least, my idea of contractions, since I've never been in labor before).  The pain was fairly constant, with times of more intense-pain, yet it never got better, never really gave me a chance to calm down.

Yet here I am with four small children and no hubby.  What should I do?  I honestly didn't think I was in labor, but what was wrong with me??  Is my uterus really tight, or am I in pain from something else and my muscles are just all taunt and stressed and tight and painful?  Either way, I can't just keep this up.

Around 5am, I called dh (in Wisconsin).  I wasn't sure what I expected *him* to do, but I needed to hear his voice.  I told him it didn't feel like labor - so I was going to go try to throw up and I would call him back if things didn't improve.

Yet I *HATE* to throw up, so I didn't actually try that.  I walked around and thought of my options.  Then I took a look around my house (go read my last post about the state of home when dh is away) and was utterly embarrased.  How could I call someone to my home, in the middle of the night, into *that* mess?!?  It was *bad*!

I also thought perhaps if I picked up a bit, swept the floor, emptied and reloaded the dishwasher, etc.....whatever was causing me pain, would subside.  So I did.  I cleaned up, at least the upstairs areas, just basic picking up.

Nope - pain was still there.

I took a cool shower - nope, pain was still there.

At this point I remembered how horrible I had eaten the day before.  I had gone to Bible Study and thought perhaps they were sick too - maybe it was something we had eaten.  So I called up my friend, it's like almost 6am.  Nope, nobody is feeling ill there, no pain, nothin'.  Great.

I actually *did* call my OB office at one point, just to get the on-call number.  Yet I still didn't feel like this was labor.  Yet I couldn't remember feeling the baby move since this had all began.  I'm guessing the pain was causing me to tighten up and therefore I wasn't really paying attention to baby movements.  I was just about to call the on-call number, at the very least so I could get some confirmation that all was well with the baby, when I began to feel like I was going to throw up, hate it or not~

So I psyched myself up, sat in front of the "throne" and hurled - A LOT!!!  I hadn't eaten for *hours* yet there seemed to be LOTS coming up.  (really gross, I know, I was there!!).  I washed up, brushed my teeth and fell into my girls' bed.  I was still in pain and just wanted to give myself a few moments.  I was *exhausted*.  It was like 6:45am - and I with *maybe* an hour of sleep that night.  I began to relax, trying to feel the baby move.  I rolled over to the other side, trying to feel the baby move.

I finally headed back to my own bed.  It was starting to get light outside.  I felt like things were easing up, and my stomach was really just stretched and tight due to my muscles freaking out about the pain.  I never did feel the baby move, and I fell asleep...

My friend called me back, at 8am, just to check.  My pain was gone.  I sat up to put the phone back and realized there was still pain, but it felt like the pain you have after throwing up a whole lot - stiff and sore in your abdomen.  I fell back asleep.

Elijah woke me up about 9am - I threw some doughnuts at the boys (thank the LORD I had stopped at Tim Horton's the night before) and fell back in bed.  It was at that time I realized the baby had the hiccups.  PRAISE THE LORD!!  I never really got any more sleep, although the girls stayed in bed with me 'till almost 10am (WOW!).  

I tried to eat a bit of yogurt this morning and that little bit came back up.  So I've just tried water since then.  I feel fine, albeit a bit tired and shaky.  It appears my dh is going to be a bit stuck in the winter weather, so he probably won't make it home tonight (bummer).  I've got to run the elementary program for Saturday night church, but I've got plenty of help, so that's good!

So there ya go..........I *almost* went to the hospital.  Yet it wasn't labor - it was a stomach bug or something.  I feel pretty good right now, so it's not something that seems to be hanging around.  No one else is sick thus far, so it's not food poisening.  Who knows?!  I just know that I don't EVER want to have to go through something like that again, especially with my dh out of town.  We would have been fine, we have lots of loving friends that would have stepped up to the plate, but's not your husband, ya know?

Still two weeks.........I'm so excited!!  The baby is flipping out down there as we speak - so comforting after last night.  YIPPEE!! 


Morgan said...

Going to the hospital already?

Morgan said...
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*Michigan Momma* said...

Sorry, I posted the blog with only the title at first. You must have commented while I was actually typing out the post. Sorry about that ~ no baby yet ;)

Tereza said...

Soon it will be the REAL thing!!

Morgan said...

I'm glad you were able to throw up and get that out of your system! I know how scary it is to be feeling ill with 4 little ones and no hubby. I'm glad you'll have him back home soon! :)

Anneatheart said...

Sounds like you might have had a mild case of what I had. I had stomach pain and an upset feeling, but I threw up at least 4 times, and it was the stomach virus. For whatever reason it made me hurt instead of feeling nauseous. Weird huh, must be pregnancy changes.

Not much longer girl!! Three years ago I was exactly in your boat. My youngest was born on the third of March, and at this point I was miserable; begging for the OB to do something :)