Monday, February 23, 2009

Schooling w/ friends~

So Mondays have become our "schooling w/ friends" day!  This is only our 2nd Monday, but we are enjoying it immensely!  The kids enjoy having their friends over (they get to play about half the time they are here, then we school for the other half or so).  I also enjoy having my friend over!  Schooling the kids together has been fun ~ they are all at varying levels, yet fairly close together (K, 1st grade, advanced in some areas, etc.).  We do lunch together, we talk about where we are struggling with homeschooling, what things are working for us, what we like/don't like, etc.  

Plus it's time to talk to another woman ~ a woman who is a lot like yourself in many ways:  married to a pastor (or who *will* be a pastor), momma to many little ones, homeschooling, financial planning and budgeting, SAHM, parenting issues, you name it!

We are not EXACTLY alike in our beliefs, in our parenting, in our styles, etc......yet we are enough alike to support one another and encourage one another, plus get another viewpoint on ways to handle things.  She has been a wonderful encouragement to me in regards to being less "up-tight".  I tend to view things as a "perfectionist" ~ and if you have many small children, things are simply going to have to ease-up a bit if you want to remain sane.  Even little things, such as allowing your child to wear the shoes she chose *herself* and put on the *wrong* feet - that's OKAY.  Really!!

I am so thankful for a real life friend to connect with each week (or each day, if I need to!), to discuss what we are each going through in our daily life, in our marriages, with our children, in our walk with the Lord!

I think the Lord actually wants this for us - this fellowship.  He made us, He knows how important relationships are to women.  Yet in today's society, there just aren't that many women staying home, connecting with one another.  Yes, we see each other at church, maybe at a Bible Study...........but for the momma's "in the trenches", we need more than a passing "hello" in the hall on Sunday morning.  Even though I *love* my conveniences, I sorta miss the idea of women getting together to do the laundry, or bake big ol' batches of bread together, or canning, or quilting, or whatever.

I have no idealistic thoughts that is was an "easier" time......I know it was hard.  Yet these women had relationships - real relationships.  Sometimes I feel like we are all sequestered in our own homes, trying to figure it all out on our own, relying on our husbands to meet our every relationship need (which he can't do, in my opinion).  It's no wonder women feel the need to "get out of the home", to work outside the home with "other adults", to feel valued and appreciated and content and happy. much of this stems from holing ourselves up in our home, trying to be *perfect*:  the perfect momma, the perfect wife, the perfect housekeeper, the perfect cook, yada-yada-yada.....all alone.

So anyways, if you have this kind of friend (or even friends - lucky you!!), count yourself as blessed!!  I know so many women who simply don't have another woman they feel comfortable with in a relationship.  How many of us are here, blogging, to in some way fulfill this need of relationship with other women??  

You must also seek out your own heart - to make sure this isn't *YOUR* expectations or issues, getting in the way.  And pray.  Pray for the Lord to send this person into your life.  Again, He MADE us this way - and He will provide!

p.s.  I am 'fast-fooded' out.  It is my own fault - while my dh is away, when I'm being lazy, first "each way out" is to drive thru McD's.  Yet we have been blessed as of late with a wonderfully stocked pantry!  I am taking advantage of it (finally) and once again, finding that I actually *enjoy* cooking for my family.  Trying to be creative, trying to be frugal, trying to find foods we can all enjoy and are good for us!

Tonight it is red beans & rice, with ham hocks, plus I'll open up one of our MANY cans of refried beans (which we were blessed with recently).  If you have any ideas of dishes to make with refried beans, PLEASE, let me know!!!  I'm also enjoying using a COOKBOOK.  Often times, I simply print out recipes from on-line.....but there's something nice about having that cookbook open on the countertop.  I don't what it is, but I like it~ ;)


Anonymous said...

Well, that was so nice. I really enjoy getting together with you too. Now if only SOME of your organizational skills would rub off on me that would probably help me out! I'll keep trying. So, I totally agree with everything you said, and I almost called you today after I got home from Emma running through the church, screaming and ending up sitting on the floor kicking the glass doors with her dress shoes on...with an audience of course watching . NOT GOOD!!!! I would not have called myself laid back at that moment! ; ) Okay, I will see you soon friend.

Tereza said...

yes I totally agree and that IS partly why I blog!

Anonymous said...

ham hocks???

*Michigan Momma* said...

Ham Hocks? Well, I'm not *exactly* sure what they are - maybe a part of the pig's leg or hip or something....

I have to *ask* for them at many supermarkets, and actually, you're more likely to get better ham hocks if you ask your butcher for some nice, meaty ones from the back.

You put them in with your beans while soaking and cooking them - adds wonderful flavor and, if you get those nice, meaty ones, you also can add quite a bit of meat to your dish.

Tonight's dish was very good! I loved it, Tali & Elijah also ate it up (Eli had two bowls!). Dean ate it (mainly 'cause he didn't want to make anything else and also 'cause he's a good guy and usually tries whatever I make - good man!). My other two.....*sigh*.....I know I should try harder, but MAN, they are picky. I gave 'em PB&J. I know, I know....

I'm trying to convince myself that I've been making them eat a lot of new meals recently, but I'm not sure that's actually true (especially not in this recent "fast-food" craze!). Oh well, it's a battle I will continue to deal with~

Anyways, there's my 'ham hock' explanation. Way more than you needed, eh?