Friday, February 20, 2009

When dh is away...

...apparently, I lose all sense of motivation and cleanliness.

There is an excessive amount of chex mix on my kitchen floor - from this morning's breakfast, no less.  The train set is strewn a'boot the living room floor.  I even have an end table *on* it's end, just sitting there, upside-down.

And I don't care.

So there.

That's how I feel when my dh is away.

It's just one night, he's back tomorrow, and I'll clean everything up before he arrives - but during this time, the kids and I just "slack off" and much of anything.  I read books, we watch movies, we eat......less than stellar food group combinations.

Now, it's time for me to go drink the rest of my chocolate shake from McDonald's (yes, dear, it's a LARGE chocolate shake), watch a bit of t.v. and crash into bed, exhausted by my lack of ANYTHING plus bad nutrition.  Yuck.

Be careful, honey, with the snow storm and everything - drive safely and stay with my folks if you have to.  But then come home soon - we love you!!  

p.s.  My dh is at another Children's Ministry conference - speaking - in Wisconsin.  I'm just so proud of him.  This is something he wanted to do, so he simply decided to go out and DO IT!  He's a motivated and driven man, especially when it comes to families and children.  Just proud of him, so I wanted to ya, babe~


Tereza said...

yay for superdad!

psst.....i do the same thing:) lots of computer too:)when daddy's's party time!

Morgan said...

I like the picture of him as superdad- that's pretty cool!

You're so close to having your baby! You can count the days on your fingers and toes now, right? How exciting!

I have to ask- how did you come across my what to pack articles? I wrote a really long one when I first started blogging back in Dec., but then re-wrote them today in 4 chunks, but saved them as being back in December... did you come across those from the links in my current post, or did they still show up as being recent posts of mine somehow? : )

*Michigan Momma* said...

Hi Morgan,
Yup, they showed up in my Google Reader as a new post. Yet once I commented, I realized it was actually a past post. So I'm not sure how that all happened?!?