Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Music snob?


I have my degree in music performance.  Clarinet, to be precise.  Yet I hardly play anymore (sad, I know, especially considering how much I love it and how very expensive my clarinet is - thanks mom ;)

My kids aren't quite old enough for instrumental lessons - winds, that is (although Isaac is *really* looking forward to trumpet lessons...ahem...Brooke...).  Yet I've just started Selah & Isaac on basic piano lessons, while taking this time to teach them music theory stuff.  Selah has always shown a love of the piano, ever since we've had one in our home (most of her life, I'm guessing, even though no one really plays....weird).  I knew I wanted her to play, I really want ALL my kids to at least learn the basics.  I love music and being able to play the piano, even basically, is a skill I really wish I would have picked up somewhere along the way.

So ANYWAYS...........I went to our local music store to pick up some beginning piano books.  I kinda got the impression that most people do *NOT* agree with me teaching my own daughter piano - due to it not being my instrument.  It is true, I am NO piano player.  I know music theory, I can read music, I can find the notes on the piano keyboard............but the "other" stuff??  Hand positions and all that jazz, nope.  Right now, I'm relying on the book's descriptions and instructions, plus a few piano-playing friends, to help me with the basics.  

Obviously, if this is something they are truly interested in, we will get them lessons as they progress and shown a willingness to practice faithfully.  

So anyways, I never really knew how many "music snobs" there were out there.  I should have remembered, from my college days, really......I was right there with 'em, in "snobby-land".  Ha, serves me right!!

p.s.  The first lesson today went well for both the kids ~ Selah just seems to have a knack for this whole piano thing........while Isaac did fine, but it took more effort on his part.  His little fingers just didn't want to do what he *wanted* them to do - LOL!!  Good thing he really wants to play trumpet ~ only 3 fingers, right?!  Yet I can hear him up there right now, practicing.  Sweet kid~


Jeni said...

Way to go on teaching the kids yourself, do that until you have to pay for lessons. All 3 of ours take them and we are glad but I had Jordan lead Grace along in the basics until we started her in actual lessons! How fun!!! and I would LOVE to see you up in church playing a Clarinet piece! is Bruce aware of this talent? how bout a Clarinet duet with Brooke, we don't hear her enough either!!

Anonymous said...

Well, I don't think there is anything wrong with you teaching the basics. I do NOT teach Anne her piano primarily because I am to much of a perfectionist in terms of music...it would cause wars if I were her private lesson teacher! So I guess maybe I am a music snob....hmmmmm. Okay, well I do need to play my trumpet more at church...you're right Jen. Just so busy 2nd service with kids church anyhow. See you tonight?


Anonymous said...

Another clarinet player here! it's been MANY years since I've played, but I still remember all my scales, and often I share my knowledge w/our worship team. None of them read music lol.