Thursday, March 5, 2009

Keep on swimming...

I know I've used this "Nemo" line before, but that's kinda how I feel right now.

What I really want to do is be lazy and lay around....not exactly an option ~ and I'll have a week of that next week!  So for now, I just have to "keep swimming" - even if it feels as though it's upstream here for a bit ;)

The boys are improving.  I don't really think Elijah ever had strep - he's certainly not showing the classic signs that Dean and Isaac both displayed.  Dean is back at work today (Thurs), while Isaac is right in the middle of the "sore throat" stage.  Tali never did present with a fever, so all the girls are still fine.  PTL!!  Elijah's nose *seems* to be "drying up" (it was really gross there for  more than a week!!), so I'm hoping his poor face will heal up soon (it had "streaks" where he kept rubbing the snot - gross!).

Here is my updated list (not too bad):
*put new labels on my kids' clothing bins -- including the new bigger size bins we bought.
*wash and put away the majority of the winter gear --  also in the new LARGE bin we bought.
*wash/disinfect all linens --  get new pillows onto the beds.
*clean out car -- rearrange car seats (will be done tomorrow - the temp will be in the 50's)
*take back library books -- order new unit of library books
*pack hospital bag (nope, still haven't done this)
*rearrange master bedroom furniture (to properly fit in the cradle)
*scrub down red couches & "re-fluff" with blankets and old pillows under the cushions...yup, we use couches until they *die*!

doesn't everyone rearrange furniture in the last week of their pregnancy??  It's a nesting thing....

Besides the normal stuff (keeping up with laundry, dishes, baths, meals), plus the normal weekly stuff (bible study, ob appointment, church stuff), I've got to get one more grocery shopping trip squeezed in to hold us over until I heal.  

All in all, not too bad ~ I feel pretty good about it!

I guess that means I now need to get off my booty and actually WORK my way through the list, eh?  Yup, keep on swimming, Lori, keep on swimming.....

p.s.  I pray you are all doing great as well, getting ready for spring and the warmer weather.  My schedule is a bit wacky, with the birth and all, but I can't wait for spring either!!  We will school throughout the summer (lightly) to make up for this time after the new baby arrives.  I've been so excited to see my little ones learning to read ~ plus they are working their way through their math workbooks (LIFEPACS), and having weekly piano lessons (Selah, in particular, loves this!).

There are some days I think it just can't get any better than this.....then I feel this little one rolling around in there and realise God has blessed me beyond measure!!  Each day is such a blessing, and I pray I can look on them as such (even amongst the diapers, the messes, and behavior issues).  Praise the Lord~


Leanne said...

AMEN! I am so excited about your new little one! I hope those guys of yours get feeling well soon.

janet said...

I'm so thankful your family is feeling better. You are great parents and we look forward to the new baby!!! Rest in the Lord! Love you!

Henley said...

Do you have a name picked out for the new little one yet?

*Michigan Momma* said...

We *do* have names picked out: either Willow Evangeline or Micah....something...

It was Micah James, then Dean is still thinking about Micah Dean, so.....we will figure it out soon enough (um, we kinda have to, eh?).

And hey, I'm working my way through the list. The furniture is rearranged (and looks great!). The cradle mattress, pad and sheets all arrived in the mail today. There's just something wonderful about having the baby's cradle all set up and ready to makes it seems so...*real*!

And since my dh just pulled out all the needed bins for me to reorganize (I guess he figured I've done enough pulling, pushing and lifting for one day - HA!), I'd better get to it! Maybe I can even get the couches done tonight as well....maybe.

Keep on swimming.....

Morgan said...

I like the name Willow! Evangeline is a personal favorite of mine. I love the meaning of the name- Evangelist, telling the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Anonymous said...

I'd personally send Dean to the store! I think you've done enough. You're about to give birth.

Good luck!! I'm glad the girls didn't come down w/strep. Btdt, it's awful!


*Michigan Momma* said...

I actually enjoy going to the store - since we homeschool, and I have little ones, we tend to stay close to home most of the time. Going to the store is kind of an adventure - for all of us!! Just a chance to get out and about (we have just the one van).

One of the advantages of going to the store together is we always agree on what is purchased - there is never that, "Why did you buy *that*?" or "did we *really* need those?" or "we simply don't have the money for those!", etc. We agree then and there in the store, so there are no issues later when dealing with the bills!

Of course, with five little ones, I'm thinking we're about done with family least until the older ones are a bit older (and a bit more help).

And lastly****Selah DID come down with Strep (at least, we think she did, she's showing all the signs the boys did, we'll find out later today for sure). Poor girl...

Now Tali is the only one in the family NOT on antibiotics! And she is usually the one getting us all sick!! Hey, never a dull moment around here ~ praise the Lord for busy, very full hands!

And I *am* just about to give birth ~ WHOO-HOO!!! How exciting~