Monday, April 27, 2009

It's a GO!

The inspection was today and it went fabulously!

At first, we thought it was starting off on a bad note.  The inspector called us and told us he had been sick all night and was running late.  We had a tight schedule, with Dean having to be back at the church for a meeting, plus my mom was with us - we didn't want to have to reschedule!

Luckily, he was still up to doing the inspection....he was just late.  So we got out to the house, it was a beautiful drive, nice weather and just an overall good feeling.

We showed my mom all around the house and the yard, while the inspector finished up his work.  We took more accurate measurements in the basement ~ I have been trying to come up with a floorplan for the basement, as it will be finished right away as an apartment for them once my father retires.  It will have it's own entrance, it's own EVERYTHING ~ it's about 1400 sq. ft., so we're not talking just some small, dark basement.  It's actually a walk-out basement, so it's nice and bright!

I found this great floorplan website - free - that I have been playing with for the last few days.

Anyways, the inspector got finished, went over a few minor things with us, then proceeded to knock $50 off the price of the inspection (whoo-hoo!), I'm guessing for being late - I'm not sure why else he would do that?!  Such a blessing~

Things went great!  I even saw that the owners had begun packing up some boxes here and there (I haven't even started doing that yet) - for some reason, that made it very real to me.  Yippee!  Plus, my mom really liked the house, the yard, and especially the space that will eventually become her home - that made me *very* happy!!

So now, my mom is hanging out with us for a few more days - I'm going to try to use some of that time to organize for my upcoming MOVING SALE!  Whatever I don't *love* (or absolutely HAVE to use until I can get something I do love), I'm getting rid of before we move!  It'll be quite the project, but just the kind of project I can really throw myself into and enjoy!

Lastly, as we were strolling around the yard, talking about what we would *like* to do here, what we wanted to change there - oh, and wouldn't it be nice to do *that* right here, etc....I realized that there was NO WAY we would be able to do much of anything right away, and when we *could* do stuff, it would have to happen S L O W L Y, over time.  I'm not so good at that waiting-thing.....uh-oh....

The longest we have lived in ONE house, since we have been married, is, what?  2 years?!  Maybe.  I pray we stay in this house a LONG time - therefore, I don't have to rush to get things done.  I can (try) to relax and do things as money allows - without putting ourselves into debt (which obviously, we really don't want to do - we will NOT do that!!).

So I asked my dh to please remind me (gently) when I am rushing to get things done - that I have TIME.  Make things nice, yes - but I don't have to have *everything* perfect in the first 3 months.  When people come over, I don't HAVE to have everything *perfect*.  Instead, I would just like to enjoy my home, making it really OURS, over time.  *big ol' happy sigh*

Here's a few more pics~

Two of my men!! (in the master bath, sitting on the jetted tub)

a backyard view of the house, pond & "firepit"

My four older babies, at the top of the steps, on the "landing/sitting area"

Isaac & Selah heading to "the woods"

Off to do more laundry, then bed....'night~


Tereza said...

oh my gosh you're gonna LOVE having all that outdoor space!!!!

Jeni said...

Lovely home! hee hee We're going on 8 yrs. here and as you know still doing projects I "dreamt" of! haha take it slow, enjoy your family....and you are gonna LOVE going to the Harbor in Lex. and the General store for PENNY CANDY that actually costs.....TWO CENTS!! haha

Anonymous said...

Will you have your "family closet" now?

Need the skinny! Bedrooms? Baths? Big kitchen? I see the one area had hard wood floors. DON'T DON'T DON'T DON'T cover them up! A home always looks more elegant w/hardwood floors. And they are dust catchers anyways. and horrible for crawling babies... breathing in all those toxins etc. If there is carpet, tear it up!


Morgan said...

The taking it slow part has been on my mind a lot this week too. I want to rush and do all these things right away, but I know I'm going to have to wait.

Congrats on the good inspection!

Anonymous said...

I'm so excited for you. I'm sorry I haven't been in touch. Been busy with kids and stuff here in Minnesota! I hope the musical went wonderfully and I love seeing that picture of Isaac and Selah out in the woods. They are all going to love your new home! Congrats you guys. I'll see you soon