Saturday, May 30, 2009


Due to some oversight by a loan officer (argh....don't get me started), who decided to tell us TODAY that we needed a very specific document from a bank, we were not able to close on our house.

We tried, and tried, and TRIED....but if you have ever dealt with a bank, a specific branch of a large bank, on a FRIDAY AFTERNOON.....well, you would know that all we spoke with today, in our *many*, many attempts ~ was a voice mail machine.


I cried a bit, I got angry A LOT, I calmed down and thought "God is not surprised by this" and "God has a purpose for this".  And I felt....somewhat better.  Still sad, still a bit angry, but okay.  Technically, we have until next Friday to close, so we aren't breaking contract, but STILL.  We wanted to do it today!

We will deal with this issue (aggressively) on Monday morning.
~Bank officer beware~

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Anneatheart said...

Well, I know how ya feel. With our first house, we set the closing date at least 4 times, maybe more. Things kept coming up that made us have to wait.
I think we finally moved in a week before we closed because that was the only available weekend we had help or something. It will happen- I am just trying to start the process! We have yet to make an offer, waiting on the bank to give us a pre-approval letter...