Tuesday, June 2, 2009

patience is a virtue...

...that I am desperately lacking in.

Our mortgage guy is working on it.  He has contacted that appropriate bank and they are working on it.  They *should* get us the needed paperwork today - so we can close here soon.  Yet you never know.  It's really up to how hard this bank works at finding the right paperwork and how quickly they get it to us.  At this point, I am simply praying we get it all taken care of by Friday, as that is when our current contact says we will close by.

On a different note, I am headed to the doctor's here in about 30 min.  My thrush has simply not gotten better.  It's really bad right now.  I just nursed the baby and there was quite a bit of crying on my part.  Pretty bad.  It now feels like it is *in* my breast, which - according to what I can find out on-line - means it is now "intraductal yeast infection".  great.  The treatment seems to be the same though, Diflucan (?).  It's a pill, taken for a few weeks, with relief in a few days (I believe).  Yeast is just such a difficult thing to kill.

Micah still has it here and there - but his is mostly under control.  I'm sure I'm the one who keeps giving it to him, I've never really gotten mine under control.  I kept thinking I was doing something wrong:  not being consistent enough with the application, not able to keep the area dry enough, whatever.  So now it's been almost 3 months - horrible!

So now I am hoping my doctor will prescribe just the right STRONG med,  and that it will help me SOON!  I will be *so* glad!  Of course, part of me will also be so frustrated that I waited so long......my oldest daughter thinks this is just the way nursing goes - very painful for the momma.  Ugh, I don't want her thinking that.  For the most part, my nursing relationships have been painfree and wonderful~

Ok, well, the boys are up (it's 8am - good boys!) and I need coffee.  Why in the world I woke up at 6am WIDE-AWAKE, I have *no* idea.   Weird....;)  That is *so* not like me~

Have a great day, my friends ~ I pray I am able to update you soon on the thrush issue....and that it is going AWAY quickly!


Anonymous said...

how's the diet going of no sugary, pasta etc stuff??

Keep us posted! I pray it goes away soon too!

Kerry said...

There are some foods that are supposed to help too. Yogurt, Garlic, Apple Cider Vinegar (the kind with the "mother"). Not all mixed together of course, that would be gross. I surely hope that you get to continue nursing and the pain goes away. I know for me that it's the only time that I get to sit down during the day. I'll be praying for you.

Anonymous said...

How's the medicine doing?


*Michigan Momma* said...

I am on day #2 of Diflucan - of a 7 day dosage. I can't really say there has been much difference yet. I nursed him this morning w/ little to no crying, which I guess is an improvement - but it still hurt like H E double hockey sticks (sorry for the cursing, but MAN, it really does hurt!!).

I've been trying to eat the yogurt, take the supplements, stay away from the sugars (well, that one is fairly difficult for me....). The nurse practitioner said it looked "very bad" and was concerned I may have to see a specialist if this doesn't work. great.

And for any future mommas out there, this is NOT normal nursing happenings. I (foolishly) took a Z-pack right before the c-section (strep was making it's way through my house and I was nervous). That antibiotic knocked out my good bacteria as well, and gave the yeast a chance to get out of control. Now I just need to reign it back in again - easier said than done....

I'll check back later.....I gotta go nurse the baby (*sniff, sniff*)....

Anonymous said...

Well Lori, you HAD to take the z-pack. Otherwise any strep virus COULD have killed the baby A probiotic would have helped.

Next time, go to the doctor SOONER!
Feel better!

marlene said...

I'm praying for you Lori and hoping you will soon be pain free-yay! Any word yet in the closing? I'm praying for that too. Luv ya.

*Michigan Momma* said...

Well, Danielle, that's true.....and yes, a probiotic would have helped (and I'm taking some now).

Hi Marlene!
The closing....ah, the elusive closing....
It looks as though that will happen either tomorrow (Fri) or Monday - but I'm not holdin' my breath. I'll believe it when the keys are in my hand!!
Luv ya,