Saturday, June 13, 2009

oh, I forgot

**the following post is color-coded for clarity. Apparently, I am just a jumble of thoughts, ideas, words....a mess. So beware: what follows is a severly mixed-up post about numerous topics. Don't say I didn't warn you~


Yes, we now have the keys! How exciting~

Today (Saturday), my body feels soooo tired, sooooo NOT motivated, soooo blah. I'm wondering if I am just conserving my energy for the upcoming week?!

My folks are arriving tomorrow (Sunday) to be a HUGE blessing to us regarding the kiddos this week. I can't tell you how excited my kids are that PAPA is coming as well and he is STAYING the whole week. Now that he no longer has that,, blessing of a newpaper route job - he gets to visit us for longer than just 2 days! Hurray!!

So this week - for me - will be painting, cleaning, packing, dealing with our contractor (who is a wonderful friend - PTL!!) while he does some minor work before we move in.

I purchased my new W & D yesterday, so they are being delivered this coming Thursday. That's the first room that will need to be dealt with. The walls need to be primed & painted, carpet has to be ripped out, new flooring put down, hook-ups need to be moved to that room from the existing laundry room.....then I've got to figure out how to organize ALL our clothing. Dressers we've got. Hanging clothes racks I need to buy. Fun stuff....

I also can't stop thinking about where to put things. Where should my sewing stuff go? What about the piano? Since the home is a Cape Cod - it's *iffy* whether or not we should use bunkbeds....due to the sloped ceiling. In the girls' room, the top bed would be RIGHT BY the ceiling fan. Not ideal. So I'm guessing we'll take them apart, which is fine, but it's just all the logistics that need to be figured out, ya know?!? Good thing I enjoy this stuff~

Ok, well, I have a regressing 4yo who has decided to start pooping/peeing in her panties again (see previous post)....while the pics may look cute, the reality is a bit wearing on me...I'm not sure what to do? I know we're moving and all, but hey, our lives are usually fairly crazy around here....I'm not convinced that's it. I'm not getting upset any more, no negative attention, but I *am* at a loss. What to do??

And lastly, I took the time today to scrub my feet, rub 'em down with this AWESOME foot lotion (Shea It Isn't So), finally took off the old polish and painted them a pretty red/gold color. LOVE IT! Since the fifth child, my feet have DEFINITELY taken a backseat in the priority list. Yet my dh likes nice feet (as do I), and it just feels so wonderful ~ AHHHHHHH........;)

p.s. I also made up a batch of the fabric softener-extender stuff (from the Duggar's website). Basically, you take a container of fabric softener, pour it into a five gallon bucket, then add two more containers of water (1:2 ~ softener:water). Then you let your 7yo stir it all up (he's was fascinated by this whole process for some reason), then he cuts a few sponges in half and continues to stir. When you are ready to dry a load that needs fabric softener, you simply reach in, grab a half-sponge, wring it out and toss it in the dryer with your load.

Technically, I haven't tried it yet, so we'll see.....I also didn't use a NAME brand, which is what they tell you to do, so it may not work as well. I'll let ya know~ ;0)


Jeni said...

I've done the fabric softener on cut up pcs. of rags....haven't in yrs. though...thanks for the reminder! Mike has such allergies to soaps I just stick to what he can tolerate I guess!
Happy for you about the house, and sorry you are regressing with your baby will come're right, just ignore it as far as neg. attention and hopefully it will correct itself...and pray...remember that bible verse "And all will be changed!" but I'm sure you didn't mean your 4 yr. old! hahaha

Anonymous said...

Instead of fabric softener, you could just use white vinegar in the washer.

I haven't tried it, I'm not trying to be frugal lol.


Anonymous said...

fabric softener is working well here. We have done a few loads with it! Hope you have the same luck! Let me know how I can help this week.


*Michigan Momma* said...

Yup, the fabric softener has been working well around here too! The clothes are *noticeably* softer and smell great too. And imagine how long that big ol' bucket of softener & sponges is going to last?? A *much* better deal than buying dryer sheets....

More later~