Monday, June 8, 2009

This is what happens...

...when you are just-turned-four years old and you have too many "accidents" in your panties.

"Momma told me they were here somewhere"

"Waaaaaaay back here, maybe?"

"I *so* need to stop peeing in my panties"

It's a darn good thing she's so cute....

p.s. Yes, we have been making progress on the house issue. If you recall, the underwriter needed a particular paper from a bank. We finally got an email from that bank stating they can't give that paper to us, 'cause that's NOT the required paperwork for our situation. She even stated in the email, "This really should not be an issue for him (the underwriter)". SEEE??!!?! The underwriter *should* send this through!!! I have NO IDEA why this is being held up - I know GOD knows, but *I* am clueless (and less than patient).

So we wait...some more. I am still praying that the owners are not terribly mad at us. I can see why they *would* be, I just wish I could tell them how upset I am as well about all this - and how it's SOOOOOOO not our fault. But I can't. And I can't FORCE the underwriter to just make a decision already and send us through to closing. So we wait.

BROOKE!!! I NEED that coffee & dessert tonight. Anyone else up for The Raven tonight? 7:30pm, see ya there!


Morgan said...

We go through quite a few panties around here too. My daughter hasn't learned to search for them on her own yet, though.

Jeni said...

Lori I KNOW your sellers(ha) are NOT mad at all...Gary actually told Mike he's very optomistic all is going to fall into place soon! They are VERY easy going so don't worry about that...hope all goes smoothly SOON so you can feel at ease!

Holly said...

But there's SO MUCH to do when you are four! Making it to the potty on time is waaaay down on the priority list. :)

Hey, I know the are in which your new home is located. I'm so excited for you! It will happen, Lori, it really will! Just hang in there.

You're going to be close to where some of our Trinity people live. There's some really great families out in that direction.

Wish I were there! We'd have fun.

Love you -


Danielle a.k.a Yellie said...

Oh so funny with Tali!

I hope everything gets underway quickly for all of your house stuff and that you guys can get moved in!

Kerry said...

Tali is just too cute! LOL