Friday, June 25, 2010

Name that plant!?!

Here are some of our "ditch weeds" ~ except they're really pretty!

Pretty pink flowering bush by the front yard fence...

I'm sure this will bloom soon - then it might be easier to identify?

Again, I believe this will bloom soon ~ maybe a butterfly bush?

Pretty in Purple

These ended up with white flowers....wild raspberries? (I'm hoping!)
(actually gonna go take a look in the woods right now, I'll let ya know what I find)

I have many colors of lilies (right?  Lilies?) all over the front yard ~ but this yellow (not orange, like most of them) is my favorite ~ so beautiful!

Anyway, if you can identify any of these plants/flowers, let me know.....I'm so NOT a green thumb, but I'm working on it!

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*Michigan Momma* said...

Ah-ha! I just went out back and found lil' berries on those vines/brambles. There are LOTS of them! So providing they turn out to be edible (I'm sure they are ~ raspberries, blackberries...??), and provided I can get back through the weeds, and provided I wear good gloves that will protect my hands from all the thorns.....well, then I'll have a nice harvest of wild berries!!

I wonder if I can transplant them to a nicer local? Real close to where they are now (so same soil conditions), just more "in the yard" rather than "in the woods". Hmmm....??

OR, I could just ask hubby to help me clear out that area this fall/next spring so I can simply get to the existing plants easier. Ya, that's probably better....

Ok, I'll stop typing/thinking out loud now. *blush* ;)