Tuesday, March 22, 2011

That Mennonite Store.....

Do you remember that Mennonite Store I happen to mention here & there??  Well, it's not actually called "That Mennonite Store"....you're shocked, I know!  The official name is:

Country View Bulk Foods
4635 Richards Rd.
Snover, MI 48472

They just recently moved to a new, BIGGER, building.  It's wonderful!  The first time we visited the other, much smaller, store we brought our 5 small children.  Not. Good.

Yet this time we brought the whole family, including my folks!  And it was nice.  Nice big aisles, with plenty of room!  I loved it~

So here's some pics, with a bit of explanation.  Somehow ('cause I'm a dork) I didn't get any pics of the OUTSIDE!  Basically, it looks like a large steel structure, kind of like any other country store you might see out in the middle of nowhere.  They have a nice parking lot, with regular ol' shopping carts.  They do have a drive-up area, I'm guessing for picking up large quantities of food stuff!

Here we go....
When you first come in, this is to your right:  large bags of flour, wheat berries, sugar, dog food (I think), potatoes, some fruit.....large quantities!  Although smaller quantities can be found in the aisles.
Here's one of the aisles (look how big & bright!).  This is beans & noodles, I believe.  LOTS of beans, with bigger bags on the bottom.  My kids *love* getting pasta here, 'cause they have such cool shapes!

The coffee section.  Whole bean, ground, grind-your-own (there's the red grinder, to the right)

Tali wanted to be in a picture.  I think that empty spot was for the peanut butter - it's FABULOUS - hence why they were low on stock....

Nice bakery shelves - a new item!  They make their own doughnuts too!

Ahhh....can you smell the spices!?!  They are known for their spices.   They also have spice mixes, which is nice.  Whole, crushed, ground....

My kiddos favorite section:  the candy/chocolate.  Just delish!

A nice frozen section - we picked up some veggie just for my Tali!

Dairy (with Isaac helpin' his Daddy!).  I don't buy milk there (too expensive compared to Aldi's), but I picked up eggs & a LARGE sour cream!  Oh, and a CASE of butter (it's not a HUGE savings, but it is cheaper - and I like feeling all prepared having that many pounds of butter in my freezer!)

Their deli area ~ to the right front is all their cheese!!

They had run out of my favorite peanut butter (with the honey already mixed in!) ~ so they made some for me.  Right then and there, on the spot!  Sweet~

Oh, here's the pic of the cheeses....we picked up some, but honestly, I'm not sure about prices.

They had a small book section (devotionals, Bibles, stationary, paper, etc.) right in the corner, by the end of th produce.

And lastly, *my* favorite - the snacks!!  Chocolate covered pretzels, peanut butter filled pretzels, trail mix, nuts, yogurt covered pretzels, cheddar cheese pretzels (like Goldfish).......LOVE IT!!

So there ya go!  Not a great "price review" ('cause I'm really bad at that kind of stuff ~ we just try to shop where it's cheaper overall, not necessarily go from store to store getting the cheapest of each item), but at least you can get an idea of what type of store this is.  It looks much more like a regular, ol' grocery store now - except for all their own packaging! (I believe they buy in bulk and repackage most of it)  I really enjoy making a trip out there and I hope to do it more often in the future (hint, hint hubby!).

There's also a great meat market on the way, but that's another post......;)
Have fun~


Tina said...

I'd love to shop there! Just FYI, a couple of your pictures didn't load...

*Michigan Momma* said...

Hmmm....I just checked 'em all here on my computer. They seem fine. I'll ask Dean how they did on his work computer. Sorry Tina...:/

I love shopping there - if for nothing else, the atmosphere is really great! (and no half nude-y magazines at the check-out!) ;)

Danielle said...

I love that store (and frequent often)! $29.00 a gallon for Raw Honey from a nearby hive! Have you discovered the neat little Amish Walmart on your way to Snover??


*Michigan Momma* said...

Amish Wal-Mart?? Nooooo!?!? Please fill me in.....:)

Danielle said...

It would be wonderful to visit with you all again:)


Hubby will have to give you directions to the store in Snover. I am horrible with them.


Kristie said...

I love going to the Mennonite Store! I always swing by there anytime I'm up Sandusky way :-) The snack section is my favorite too! ;-)

Karen said...

I would love to find the "amish Walmart" store too! I'd like to visit both places this weekend. Do you have any general directions such as street names that might help?