Tuesday, May 17, 2011

It's happening now...

Hi y'all~

Sorry I've been gone so long.  Due to some unfortunate issues, I have been holding off on blogging.  I haven't really been out there looking at other blogs either, 'cause then I would miss my own blog all the more.

And miss it I have!

Yet as life continues, day in a day out, I remembered why I started blogging in the first place:  web log, an online journal, a way to document what happens in these crazy days of 5 lil' ones.  And like it or not, life *does* keep rolling along.

We've had birthdays, parties, get-togethers, meetings, events, lazy days in the yard, rainy days indoors, sad times, exciting times, anniversaries, new friends & loved ones!  We've argued, smiled, laughed, kissed & yelled.  Life continues on.

And I want to record it.  I want more pictures to help this visual brain of mine remember.  I want to write it down, so others will read it and remember.  I want to have it here so my lil' ones will someday grow up and read it and remember...

Remember that time we found gobs & gobs & GOBS of toad eggs in the pond and were *sure* it was going to be a plague of Egyptian proportions!

Remember when we first began to blaze trails through the woods on our property.

Remember how I went through that stage where all I wanted were pretty, dangly earrings.

Remember how my girls would help me with my shop, wanting to learn everything I do 'cause they want to grow up to be just like me someday...oh my.

Remember the time Isaac told me he can't believe how he ended up with "the funniest, craziest brothers in the whole wide world!"

Remember when.....oh forget it.  We'll never forget that!!

Remember the first time we did a home school exhibitor's event ~ and how much fun it was!

Remember how it felt to be the Momma to lil' boys ~ how they simply stole my heart right out from my chest!

Remember how FREEZING it was when we visited the alpaca farm, yet all the great new friends we met as well.

Remember how I felt watching my Daddy & my son laughing together...

Remember how I felt as I watched my kiddos grow up, slowly, yet oh-so-fast....and I how sometimes I just couldn't breathe, it was so amazing!

Remember how Dean & I have grown, as children of God, as parents, as a couple ~ and how I can't wait to see what God has in store for us in the next 12 years!!

I don't want to forget.

I recently read a heart-wrenching story of loss.  I don't want to forget.  I don't want to let it slip by and eventually slip away.
They're so little, right now.  Yet 'right now' is passing quickly by.

So I will blog.  Nothing great, nothing famous, nothing catchy or newsworthy.  Just life, lived out & recorded by these two hands.

Momma's Hands~


Rebecca said...

The picture of your husband with the plunger on his head is hysterical!! Memories like that are priceless.

powerlaunch said...

Thanks for a great re-cap post. It was my first visit to your blog, and I feel like I know you now. Be blessed in your quest to remember.

KarenB said...

I've been visiting your blog for about a year now. Thanks for the recap and for sharing. I have read the same story of loss - heart-wrenching what she and the family are going through. So very, very hard. I want to enjoy what I have all the more because of it. Enjoy the summer!