Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Battle Begins

My husband made these fun, little toys for our kiddos to beat each other up with, um, have pretend battles with outside!  They're just made of PVC pipe (or a broom handle) and those pool noodles, wrapped in duct tape.  Easy!  He even went and bought PINK duct tape and re-wrapped the girls' "weapons" later on (they *loved* that!  Every girl has to have her very own pink-duct-tape-wrapped weapon, right?)

Even lil' Micah (who was napping during this video shoot) has his own pint-sized, pool-noodle, beat-'em-up, big-boy stick!

Yes, there's been a few tears, but nothing serious.....knock on wood....there's been tons of laughter and growling and pretending, which *I* love!

So what toys do your kiddos have that really brings out their imagination?!?

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