Friday, September 30, 2011

Big Brother, Little Brother

Wow ~ I am amazed at how much Lil' Brother imitates Big Brother around this house!

 Whether it's good, whether it's bad, whether it's dangerous.....if Elijah does it, Micah will try it too.

It's cute when Micah is following Elijah around, trying to put on his shoes all by himself "just like 'Lijah".  Or when he wants his sandwich made *exactly* "like 'Lijah".  Or when Micah follows Elijah's lead in making the Bestest-Fort-Ever!

Of course, it's a bit less amusing when it involves tomato sauce, markers, the banister, ice cubes, scissors, peanut butter and/or the toilet.

No, seriously.

So we have "The Talk" with Elijah.  About being a good example.  About how God created him to be Micah's big brother ~ how much fun that is, yet how much responsibility that is as well.  Elijah kinda smiles, nods, sometimes gets a sorta-sneaky look on his if he's thinking about ways he could possibly use this to his advantage.....hey, he's four!

Isaac is the oldest, followed by two sisters.  Both little boys adore Isaac, yet their relationship is different.  Elijah & Micah are my first experience with brothers so close in age.  New experiences, new challenges, new joys!  Again I say, Wow...

God Bless my lil' boys~
(and grant me the patience of that saint people are always telling me I must be....*sigh* ;)

‘Cause I’m the Momma,


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