Friday, September 9, 2011

Caught ya'


Sometimes, when I "catch" my kids, they crack me up...

Caught 'em playin' in the mud boots

Caught 'em gettin' a little too close to the stromboli

Sometimes, they frustrate the heck out of me...

Tali, when she learned to open the fridge
Micah: repeat of Tali (why it is always the cheese?)
Sometimes, when I "catch" 'em, it's wonderful...

Isaac, reading through his second "Boxcar Children" mystery book

Selah, also practicing her reading skills

The thing is, I tend to "catch" my kids when they are doing something *wrong* WAY more often than when they are doing something *right*.  Maybe I'm too busy to say something, or I praise my own parenting skills, or I miss it all together.

Lord, help me to "catch" my children doing what is right.  Remind me to stop RIGHT THEN, give 'em a hug, and tell them how amazing they are!  Let their memories show that I was a Momma of love & joy, rather than bitterness & complaint.

'Cause they really *are* great kids ~ thank you Lord!

Isaac, being the amazing big brother he really is!

‘Cause I’m the Momma,


1 comment:

Joyfull said...

Love the pictures of your children being caught! What a great reminder to be diligent to catch them being good! Thanks for sharing!

I must admit I was so jealous when I saw your weather gadget - 54 degrees at noon time??? The high here in the deep south will hit the mid 90-s - hot and humid!

Have a blessed day!