Sunday, September 4, 2011

Country Cousins, City Cousins

We recently had my sister & her kiddos visit for a few weeks.  They are from Chicago.  Well, technically, they are from a suburb of Chicago - yet I still call them the "City Cousins".  That many people?!  It's city to us!

The cousins always have a great time ~ here's some excerpts of their visit (I didn't get NEAR enough pictures though):

Micah doesn't really *swim* in the pond yet ~ he more or less just plays in the mud at the side of the pond!

They spent as much time as we would let 'em swimming in our pond!

Isaac really enjoyed having an older boy around - Nathan & Isaac had a great time together!

Elijah was learning from the older kids - like how to go underwater!  WTG, Elijah~

If I could bottle up the energy they spent.....whoa!

Tali thinks her cousin Katie hangs the moon!

We also visited some friends of my parents ~ they have an amazing back yard!  So warm & welcoming!

The ladies were chatting on the back porch ~ well, my sis was looking at her Kindle.
I'm *almost* jealous of that....yet I really do like to actually HOLD the book...

These flowering vines smelled A-MA-ZING!  I can't remember what it is.  Beautiful!

New versions of s'mores were tried & enjoyed...

The back woods were explored...

And the fire was thoroughly appreciated by all!
We had a great time while they were here!  This has been one of the best visits, regarding the kids anyway.  They got along great, played well together....well, there WAS this incident with a fish hook, my niece's foot & a trip to the emergency room....


Yet all is well!  They went back to the, I mean suburbs.
We miss them already.
And we look forward to seeing them again.  Soon.
*hint, hint*

Luv you guys!!

‘Cause I’m the Momma,



Tina said...

Looks like a fabulously good time! Kids are adorable! We have a lot of cousin play time around here. Though we don't have a swimming pond :-(
I love books, and holding books, but I gotta say, a Kindle is *so* convenient. Especially when you're going somewhere and want to bring several books. No worries about what space they'll take up!
Tina @ Life is Good

Shari said...

Could you have found a less flattering picture of me?? No, really, we had a great time visiting. I do wish we were closer so that our visits could be more often. I really enjoyed our late nights hanging out together. I think you have passed on that very bad habit to me though. :(