Monday, September 5, 2011

Crazy Camping Chaos!

We did manage to squeeze in a family camping trip before the end of summer.  We planned a week-long trip, just up the road about a half hour, at a relatively new campground.  The campground was beautiful:  lake, trails, campfires, pool, bike-riding, crafts, playground, arcade, even really clean bathrooms (a must for me!).  The downside:  it was a NEW campground, so the trees are itty-bitty = no shade.  That is the only part I really didn't like.  Other than that, it was great!

Yet camping, even R.V. camping (thanks to some great newer friends who lent us their R.V.!) with five children 10 and under can  Stressful.  Frustrating.  L O N G....

So our week-long camping trip was more like 5 days.  And that included coming home one day, taking showers & doing laundry while it stormed all afternoon.  But those were five great days!  I got seriously burned ('cause I made everyone else wear sunscreen except ME) and everyone's hair lightened up a shade or two with all the time we spent at the pool!  I would vote for camping in Sept. rather than Aug. - for future reference.  August is still too hot...ugh.

We used quarters for behavior modification (that they could use at the arcade at certain times), since we were out of our normal schedule/routine.  That seemed to work very well ~ they sure didn't like to see quarters coming out of their jar!  

Just a sampling of pics ~ camping was a fun, fairly cheap way for us to spend some time together as a family.

Our campsite! (see....small trees)

Our first evening:  in the pool!  Dean looks very excited for Isaac to be jumping in....;)

We rode our bikes everywhere and it was loads of fun!
(Can you see my sweet, blue trike w/ the basket?  It was AWESOME!)

Micah did great at taking naps - he was worn out everyday!

We hit a local farmer's market one day.
(I'm gonna have to check into getting a tent at OUR local FM to sell some of my crochet stuff)

Ok, he's just cute!  At the farmer's market ~ he kept saying, "Don't forget ME!  Don't forget ME!"
(I don't think we've ever forgotten him, btw...not sure where that is coming from ;)

They had a yummy ice cream shop that we had to try!  The S'more ice cream really was the BEST!

Tali = adorableness!!

Watching movies was a nightly occurrence until everyone fell asleep.
(Can you tell me what movie this is??  Can you??)

Um, Tali was really tired, I believe.  Or really unhappy about *something*....

Micah, sleeping in the RV with "Pop".

Watching a movie in Momma & Daddy's bed - during a afternoon rain shower.

Mema & Papa even came out to visit one day!

And this is MY pot o' gold at the end of the rainbow!!
(um...Micah is right out of the picture to the left....but I love him too!)

‘Cause I’m the Momma,


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