Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Goodbye Razor

Razor was an amazing dog!  Always running with us, part of the family, enjoying the country life.

I knew I could count on Razor ~ when my littles were outside, he was there too, playing & protecting.

He loved people.  Men especially.  He wanted to always be with us, following the kids around the property.

This dog did not have an aggressive bone in his body!  He quickly made friends with my 5 kids, our ornery cat & my folks rat terrier ~ everyone who met him, loved him!

Never was I afraid of Razor.  I wasn't worried about my babies playing with him.  He was so very patient.
He was simply the best dog I have ever know!

Today, while playing with my kiddos outside, Razor ran across the road to visit a new dog at the house across the street.  Razor hardly EVER went off our property.  But this time, he did.

I miss him.  I can't believe how much I've cried (never thought I was that emotional about animals).  I'm really sad my kids had to see it.  It absolutely breaks my heart to remember Isaac yelling when I had to tell the kids that Razor was dying.  Thankfully, it happened quickly.

Amazingly, the passenger in the car that hit him worked in an animal hospital in Romeo.  She actually works in the ER department.  She was right there, telling Dean what was happening, that he was dying.  She was kind & apologetic (it was no one's fault - a complete accident).  She even helped Dean carry him back to the house....

Our next door neighbor used his bobcat to dig a hole.  Isaac wanted him buried in our yard, rather than taken to a vet.  I agree.  We made & put up a marker with his name & his collar.  We cried & prayed & cried.  It's a difficult experience at 10yo.  It's a difficult experience at 36yo.

Luv you Razor ~ you will be remembered & missed by many!!

Good-bye Razor ~ we love you!


marcie_ann said...

Beautiful tribute, Lori!

Chris Wiegand said...

I am so sad for your family. Razor was the kindest dog I have ever met! My prayers are with you.

Jeni said...

LORI...just soooo sooo sorry! uggg

Chops said...

So sorry to hear of your loss. Animals are such a blessing from God! They give us unconditional love. Michelle & Jim & Family

*Michigan Momma* said...

Thanks guys ~ it's really been hard. Harder than I thought....but everyone has been really kind & respectful & understanding.