Monday, September 26, 2011

Orange & Brown & Red....oh my!

It's been a rainy, HUMID day around here.  
And I finally got around to decorating for autumn, my favorite season by far!

I love candles in my decorating!
*my children are used to it

Elijah helped me decorate this lil' corner.
He did a great job!

I love little spaces of "pretty".

Even the kids' library book area gets some seasonal flair!

Whew...look at that lighting...eek!
I do love me some oranges, browns, reds....:)

front door ~ Welcome!
Ahhhh.....I feel better...
Next it will be apple picking & all the yummy goodness that goes along with that....Mmmm!!
Enjoy your day~

‘Cause I’m the Momma,


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