Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Autumn Traditions

There are certain activities we do every year, without fail, as a family.  My children come to expect these activities, look forward to these special days, and remember years past with fondness ~ thus our family traditions are born!

One of these is the annual apple orchard visit.  We live in Michigan, for goodness' sake!  And lucky for us, we just found a small, family run, sweet apple orchard only a few miles from our home.  Less on gas, more on fun!

Here's some pics of this year's fun times:

Sitting on the front porch, ready to eat his lunch!

Tali would never miss an opportunity to eat some yummy food ~ smart girl!

He wouldn't smile - but he sure was enjoyin' those homemade, cider doughnuts!

There was free (well, donation-based) face painting ~ or arm-painting if you're Elijah.

And huge hay bales to jump around on!

Mema & Papa were able to join us ~ even better!

Selah had fun jumping from bale to bale!

Papa got hit with the hay ~ way to go, Micah!

Waiting for the hay ride to start ~ I do *believe* they were having a good time....

If you picked the right side of the hay ride, you got free apples within reach!

LOVED these old, metal wagons we got to take into the actual orchard!
These were seriously one of my favorite parts of the day~

Look out, Isaac.....;)

Some of trees had so many apples, the branches hung down so even Micah could pick the apples with ease!

Again.  Food.  Tali.  It's true love!

Some of our spoils~

This is what happens when a 2yob doesn't listen when we say it's time to go.....
He gets left behind (well......not really, but HE didn't know that!).

Ready for applesauce, apple butter, apple slices, apple cookies........

Now that it's even cooler, this particular orchard (Speaker Lone Oak Orchard, Melvin, MI) will be serving FireSide Coffees & warm, mulled cider!  I think it's time for a *Momma* trip to the orchard.  They've got a great lil' shop with a fireplace, lots of handmade goodies to check out & delicious baked goods ~ oh ya!!  Any other Mommas out there ready to join me??

Cause I’m the Momma,


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