Wednesday, February 8, 2012

This Lil' Blog

How late can one blogger be with a Christmas picture??

Um, pretty late.


I think it's time I re-joined the blogging world!  My life has been "facebook" paced as of late ~ meaning I could only jump on-line and post a quick sentence or two before life called me back off-line.  Maybe it's just the sunshine today, but I am feeling pretty good about my chances of resurrecting this lil' blog of mine.

So leave me a message, let me know if you're still here reading and let's get back to recording & sharing life together!  I'd love to visit you as well, so leave me a link~

God bless, my friends!
See ya soon~


p.s.  the next step will be to update the background & be continued...

1 comment:

Susan Preece said...

A belated wave hello! LOVE keeping up with you guys! You were missed at CPC this year, but I'll forever be grateful for the opportunity to meet you and now stay connected via technology. Facebook is great for quick updates, but I love the depth that we can share via blog. But I am NOT one to talk about being regular with blog entries!

Take care and best wishes!