Monday, April 6, 2009

Secret Identities.....shhhhhh!

Here is the latest favorite movie of my kiddos.  They watch this once a day.  It's a Netflix movie, so we'll just keep it awhile.  Today, during our daily viewing....the kids began acting out scenes.....and pretending they were certain characters.

Here's the lowdown:

First: the Furious Five!!

(aka:  Isaac Benjamin)

:Master Tigress:
(aka: Selah Isabella)

:Master Monkey:
(aka:  Elijah Rock)

:Master Viper:
(aka:  Talitha Elizabeth)

:Master Mantis:
(aka: Micah Dean)

:Dragon Warrior ~ Master Po:
(aka:  Daddy/Dean ~ 'cause he's got the belly)

:Master Shifu:
(aka:  Momma/Lori ~ 'cause I *am* their master!!)

:Tai Lung ~ BAD GUY!:
(aka:  their uncle Kenni ~ 'cause he does 'the claw!')

:Master Oogway ~ the really old Master Turtle:
(aka:  their PAPA!!  how sweet)

Fun stuff with the kiddos~


Kenni B said...

Oh yes....cause they just HATE the claw. LOL :)

jesnicole said...

How cute, my lil' bean loves this movie.....he practices his "kung-fu" daily in our living room.